You’ll see

mobius2Some days

I tremble with incipient speed
though my tired feet falter on
this mobius strip, the fatally
familiar and radically confusing
arches and contours.

One day

I will achieve critical velocity,
a fierce momentum that
ignores the constraining curve, that
ruptures this impossible skin with
a beauty to raise the dead.

 James Wright, whose
precious tongue was
by cancer, will speak
unmistakably to my infinite ear

Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom

and God will God
will raise freedom God
will sing happiness from
your mortal throat and

I will answer you I will
I will answer you
with this poem.

You’ll see.


james wright

“A Blessing,” James Wright



  1. Beautiful! Mobius strip walking – fantastic metaphor. And James Wright a fantastic “call” forward.


    1. Thank you; Wright’s poetry is often so touching and powerful.


  2. Please can you tell me more? This is a beautiful poem, Rafiki. Lots of meaning – hidden and in plain sight. I believe you wrote this poem? But also James Wright wrote a poem called “A Blessing?” Is that correct? Who is he to you? Are you commemorating his death? He died a while ago, according to the internet of everything …


    1. Thank you, Nassali. My poem simply references his. You can link to “A Blessing” beneath his photo.


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