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Ever a great rumble

in the heaven of cats teeming with clever but catchable mice, sounding with birdsong to prick sharp velvet ears. The satisfying flesh of captured things; shrimp and fish and chicken and acres of sand yielding softly to fastidious paws. Quilted across the endless ether patches of sun, and all over creation makeshift toys scattered: string […]

Driving after dark

We drive alone at night behind headlights that ply the roads as if we could see where we are going as if we could see those bright and narrow shafts saying this is where you will be in a second this is where you will be saying the path is clear and safe while the […]

Now you know

  You can cry while running but it’s best to just breathe when your disappearing father shits himself again in long term care. And you can laugh at the squirrel’s antics even with earth from the cat’s grave still fresh beneath your nails. Now you know the finest prayer you will ever offer is sweet […]

In Memoriam

They were names I didn’t recognize, names I’d never heard:  Alice Herz, Norman Morrison, Roger Allen LaPorte,  Florence Beaumont, George Winne, Jr.  Five Americans who, between 1965 and 1970, publicly self-immolated — set themselves fatally afire — to protest the Vietnam War. I am thinking of them on Memorial Day, when we traditionally commemorate Americans who gave their lives in […]

In dreams

You come to me in dreams, and you are happy, so I am happy. Or maybe, the other way around, but you are tender, as I always wished, and I am kind, as you once believed. You come to me in dreams between the sea-green tiles in a childhood bathroom and the fragrant cedar bedding […]

Again today

  Again today, I can scarcely bear the delicate palms of aspen leaves, the pleasing golden geometry of waffle grids cupping melting butter and sweet syrup. Again today, too lovely, the redolence of cream laced coffee, the earthiness of beets steaming above ruby water, the warble of courting wrens, the contagious contentment of purring cats. […]


On account of darkness, called: The ball game on the unlit field; the interminable argument. The migration of hummingbirds; the crescent moon, incrementally. Dusk. The hope for something better; the search for survivors. The ovulation of hens. The play of long-ago children. The open throats of morning glories; the songs of wrens, of larks, of […]


I live in a little valley beneath the local high school track, where each May youngsters from area schools gather to compete in hurdles, sprints, relays and field events.  Their physiques vary widely: Some are small and awkward as colts, having barely encountered puberty; others appear to have come neatly through that hormonal tumult and […]


I hoped he was dead when I woke the next morning,  eight hours after I left him holding the hand of the next hospice volunteer. We call it “vigil:”  a bearing witness and keeping company with the actively dying. We do it for them and their loved ones —  exhausted, grieving families and friends — who are desperate […]


Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. –C.S.  Lewis Do not languish in the field hospital of your wounding the fetid air choking your willing lungs but crawl until you can limp limp until you can walk walk until you can march and march […]