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One shot


A vulnerability meets a provocation

  Like a cliché or a bad joke. In a bar. Where they recognize but cannot name each other until it is too late. For the vulnerability, anyway. You know the rest. The vulnerability becomes more himself, soft as a fontanel. Exposed. The provocation likewise expressing her nature. Inciting; advancing. Until – at the same […]

You’ll see

Some days I tremble with incipient speed though my tired feet falter on this mobius strip, the fatally familiar and radically confusing arches and contours. One day I will achieve critical velocity, a fierce momentum that ignores the constraining curve, that ruptures this impossible skin with a beauty to raise the dead.  James Wright, whose […]




  This morning, while I was thinking I need to write about the fragility of the holy, or maybe the fragility of our perception of the holy,  I saw the iris in the side yard blooming early, two weeks early, and I did not worry about global warming; I reclaimed the word “awesome” and applied […]

Perfect strangers

  We dream a meeting place beyond a cloakroom where we hang ourselves then walk formless into air lungs cannot breathe and inhale deeply. Beyond memory we remember and run legless in ancient forests through leavened light. Armless we swim in primal water, cleansed, and lacking tongues, say nothing. Nothing needs saying, not now, when […]


My taste in library books tends toward the old and sometimes obscure, and I thereby experience a pleasure younger, hipper readers will never know:   a circulation card, glued to the back cover of the book and demarking its check-out history. The content of these yellowing index cards depends on the era:  All include typed title […]


Always you, until this morning. You on the day breaking fair, the enormous earth singing up the sun through the soft, small mouths of a hundred finches. You on the day dawning foul, my mind already choked by ashen apparitions of all that should not have happened. Always you. The throaty sound of your work […]

One shot

Rebuilding years

I recently watched the local high school baseball team in action, and it was clear they were fulfilling the promise of their early practices,  that promise being:  We are going to be bad. So it was that the opposing Rye Thunderbolts — bussed from a dinky, less prosperous school down south —  managed six runs […]