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It’s not true, what they say. God often gives you more than you can handle, then stands back and observes as you adapt.  Or perish, like the infinite others who were given more than they could handle and are no longer here to say so. God is not cruel, just curious, like a researcher whose […]


On account of darkness, called: The ball game on the unlit field; the interminable argument. The migration of hummingbirds; the crescent moon, incrementally. Dusk. The hope for something better; the search for survivors. The ovulation of hens. The play of long-ago children. The open throats of morning glories; the songs of wrens, of larks, of […]

You’ll see

Some days I tremble with incipient speed though my tired feet falter on this mobius strip, the fatally familiar and radically confusing arches and contours. One day I will achieve critical velocity, a fierce momentum that ignores the constraining curve, that ruptures this impossible skin with a beauty to raise the dead.  James Wright, whose […]

Building toward yes

When I looked up at the robins’ nest this morning, I was shocked to see how the youngsters had grown.  It’s only in the last few days that they’ve begun twittering when their parents arrive with food. Before that,  the only evidence of their arrival was their silent, perpetually open beaks — four — jutting skyward. Now, […]