OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmeditatio:   contemplation, meditation,  reflection   (Latin)

ephemera: short-lived, lasting only a day (from the Latin and the Greek)

Cate Terwilliger is a recovering journalist and sometimes runner who lives with exceptional cats and chickens in the Colorado Rockies.  She frequently wonders what life is all about and involuntarily practices the sacred art of not knowing.spotnpuff

A nod and some ‘nip to laptop support team Spot and Puff. They wish you to know you may click on any of Cate’s photos within a post — including this image of their beautiful selves — to see an enlarged version.  An updated browser is necessary to hear sound on some videos.




  1. I’m here following the good animals that you write about especially Spot and Ouff, i love cats, my cat’s name is Lucy.

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    1. Hello to Lucy — and to you! Thanks so much for following.

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  2. Hi Cate: I have nominated you to participate in the 3 Day quote challenge:(which is of course optional) For more info please visit: https://amiracarluccio.com/2018/04/23/__trashed-4/
    I hope you enjoy the challenge 🙂 Amira


    1. Thanks, Amira, but I try to keep my nose down in my own reading, writing and occasionally even stepping away from the screen. 🙂


  3. bleakdarkness · · Reply

    The writing here is purely amazing! I look forward to more posts in the future!!


    1. What a wonderful compliment! Thank you for the honor of your time and attention.

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      1. bleakdarkness · · Reply

        No problem at all! thanks for enlightening me with your writing! By the way, I’m hoping for a collaboration of sorts! I would love for you to perhaps write a short piece to be added for my site. It could be of any genre and length! your writing would appear on WeWannaWrite (my wordpress site) and I’ll fully credit you for it and credit you as an honorary author on it! Please do get back to me about this! Thanks for your time Cate! =)


        1. Thanks so much for the invitation; that’s an honor. But I write just for myself these days, after a career of writing for others in various ways.


        2. bleakdarkness · ·

          Ahhh, no problem at all! thank you for the consideration though! Anyways, would it be okay for us to follow each other’s blogs?

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  4. I’m looking forward to following! Your writing is wonderful!


    1. Thank you. Honored to have a little piece of your time and attention. 🙂

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  5. but why a recovering journalist, a truly admirable of profession?


    1. That’s a little tongue in cheek. It was a terrific career in the pre-Internet days, before the newspaper industry largely collapsed. So good, in fact, that being part of a newsroom was sort of addictive; hence the “recovering.” Thanks for asking!

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      1. Ah, yes – I agree – am a former journalist too. Was difficult to make a living out of it then & wonder how journalists do it today.


  6. “… practices the sacred art of not knowing” (!!) Loved those words, and I’ll “adopt” them, if you allow me. 😀

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    1. Feel free, friend! Seems many of us practice that particular art. 🙂


  7. Cate,

    More power to you!



    1. Thank you kindly. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog posts!


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