So I got up finally, with a grief worthy of you, and went home.   Just days over the threshold she cannot move quickly or carefully enough  Oh, what is that beautiful thing that just happened? on ageless legs the last word she heard with mortal ears still sounding: Come. The angels themselves weary […]

If you feed wild birds long enough,  you begin to feel as if you are doing something important. Especially during the winter, when the mercury flirts with zero and every natural food source  is blanketed in snow,  the birds come to depend on your largesse. In return, they reliably offer pleasures only sporadically available in the realm […]

The surf rolls over their impress still the sand at Halona Cove does not erase  Lancaster and Kerr embracing here forever consumed by hunger they cannot sate.  Sinatra looks for trouble and finds it finds it in spades keeps finding it. Clift still loves the Army which doesn’t love him still plays  a beautiful bugle […]

We have just passed the height of catalog season, during which my mailbox was visited by the usual assortment of unwanted and thereby wasted circulars advertising Christmas deals on clothing, food and other consumables. Most of these went directly into the recycle bin, but I set aside one catalog that arrived recently, anticipating a pleasant winter night’s perusal […]

I’ve just let the cats and the hens out with the usual instructions: Have fun. Be careful.  Don’t get hurt. Don’t hurt anyone else (this to the cats, who have the usual unholy feline interest in wild birds). They don’t listen:  They are off to revel in the joys and risk the dangers of their own animal […]

When I was younger, I made a habit of serious self-examination at least once a year, usually on my birthday, but sometimes with fellow travelers of the Gregorian calendar, on the cusp of the New Year. This stock-taking served as a kind of annual spiritual to complement the yearly physical examination physicians recommend. Folks active […]


It was love of Jesus that made my neighbor Walt a criminal. He had seen the statue countless times in twilight walks through the town cemetery. It stood near a marker high up the slope, a big stone lettered with six names – the Croffs and Mintzlers and Walt’s favorite, Olive Brown, who sounded less […]

You know it’s a good day when your biggest disappointment is not being able to livestream a Roy Rogers movie more than half a century after Trigger was taxidermied. The Trail of Robin Hood — a Christmas-themed 1950 Western in which the cowboy’s stunning Palomino gets star billing  — is apparently too wholesomely chunky to […]