Being a terminal geek, I was thrilled to learn recently that Roku has added to its line-up of television streaming options a channel devoted to The Jack LaLanne Show. If you are of a certain age — say, prehistoric, like me — you will recall LaLanne as the more knowledgeable, more appealing and way less […]

I recently bought for my chilly basement a heater that’s meant to imitate a fireplace. At this it fails miserably. Nonetheless, I love the earnestness of its inauthenticity: the fake logs perpetually burning but never consumed, the unnatural orange glow of the fake embers, the mesmerizing pattern of the fake flames. The unapologetic falseness of […]

A full cord of dry, perfectly split lodgepole pine was delivered to my driveway yesterday: a harbinger of winter and wood stoves, of frigid air and warm fires. I sent a photo to the only person in my world who gets excited over a humongous stack of firewood, the woman who taught me how to […]

  Some strange grace arises from the hand buried in the soft fur of my cat’s purring belly and spreads up my arm to the rotator cuff that tore and mended poorly, through the hollow of my chest wherein beats raggedly the perplexed heart, down the depthless region of fulfilled and disappointed desire, into the […]

I recently heard a story on National Public Radio about an effort to preserve the music of Shakers, a Christian sect founded in England in the 18th century. There’s a certain urgency to the project, because there are only three — yes, three — remaining Shakers in the United States. They farm in the last […]

Today is Frankenstein Day, which, with International Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Butterscotch Pudding Day (both September 19: “Arrrr, Matey, pass the puddin’!”) ranks among my favorite made-up holidays. Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus was born Aug. 30, 1797. At the tender age of 19, amidst a succession of […]

Megan Kimmel, 38, sprints to the finish of the 2018 Pikes Peak Marathon; her time of 4:15:04 beat the 1981 course record by 14 slim seconds. The race and its sister, the Pikes Peak Ascent, grace my little mountain town each August. They provide an unforgettable experience for runners, one I still dream — however […]

My usual trail run was a little slow the other day, because it’s hard to run when you’re laughing. I had been tooling along my regular 6.5-mile route, wending up and down hills, when I encountered a long string of high-school runners heading the other direction. The local cross-country team, gearing up for the new […]

Your small wisdom reverberates, shames my garrulous tongue. All the days of your brief life remembering what all these years I keep forgetting: the primacy of song, the power of song, the totality of song, as if we were made for nothing else. You still my wasted words; you mute my foolish mouth, which henceforth […]