Snow fell while we slept (after we had tucked in the day’s troubles, though they complained it was not time for bed) snow fell noiselessly as dreams riled our slumber the familiar ghosts rattling their familiar chains snow fell and kept falling blanketing backward our unconscious lives accumulating accumulating so that when we awoke the […]

weary of its modernity its synthetic architecture its obsequious convenience its not-quite-clear form trading transparency for durability and turn instead to glass cool and substantial pleasing in the hands sand soda and lime wed by heat to a hard clarity that will one day break with use spilling what it held but never hid reminding […]

                Each day I leave my offering — a roasted peanut unsalted unshelled — at the threshold of the squirrel’s home a gesture of goodwill and gratitude for another day in which I might recognize God’s proxies and walk then to the running track where this morning I […]

Nothing is wrong and nothing right one of those days I occupy my body like an exile in a foreign land afraid to eat exotic food to drink untested water to hear too keenly the strange tongue of my inner workings soft and unintelligible billions of cells living and dying ceaseless and invisible the quiet […]

Your days in the dark mute before the television dozing in your wheelchair in a room that stinks of incontinence I want to swim you back like a lifeguard my arm a bandolier across your frail chest beneath the arm made useless by the worst fall (Why did you, why did we, let them pick […]

Who we weren’t, when it was too painful. What we got wrong, all of it. What really happened. Maybe. Where the dead gather, quiet at last. Where we were, before. When frost embellishes the plainest object, as if beauty were actually everywhere. Why┬árunning deer seem to float and flying insects quiver, why time speaks to […]

Say my love is constant and yours variable or the opposite alternately juxtaposed and irrational. A negative exponent implies a fraction. When will we quit complaining? Endlessly we divide. At 25,000 miles per hour an object may break free of Earth’s gravitational pull, bolt its closed orbit to traverse an infinite number of stars. Count […]

Please listen closely because their menu options have changed and your call is important to them, even if they are experiencing an unusually high call volume. If you are having a medical emergency, hang up and dial 911. But if your need is less acute, more ordinary — say, a human being who might listen, […]