I add to my list of questions for God (2)

Whether I can be something
different next time:

Male. Straight. Dark-skinned.
Not American. An ocelot.

Whether I was stupidly happy all along,
but felt too smart to admit it.

Why all guns aren’t toys.
Why all children don’t have ponies.

How You made the color of Liz Taylor’s eyes.
How You made purring.

(Whether the cat days are all the rest.)

Whether love conquers all,
or just temporarily subdues it.

Whether Marilyn Monroe meant to.
Whether ghosts are happier.

Whether our prayer helps;
whether You prefer our silence.










  1. You had me with, ‘Whether I can be something different next time.’ I sometimes ponder returning as one of a species that coexists with the natural ways of things, rather than fighting the universe at every turn. Being happy with just what is; with less wants. Maybe as a species with less ambition, other than to help my friends as best I could. 🙂 -Russ

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    1. Yes to all, Russ. Yes.

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  2. Love this! Yes! I second your thoughtful questions/requests to God.

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    1. Thank you, Rafiki! And I bet you could add a few.

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