National Squirrel Appreciation Day


This gallery of images goes out to squirrels everywhere whose beauty, acrobatics, comic timing, perseverance, adaptability and fabulous tails continue to impress and delight any human with sense enough to appreciate them.

Most especially,  I remember Chloe, whose intelligence and charming sense of entitlement graced my life for five years and inspired this prose post.  (She once entered my basement, ran upstairs, snagged a peanut from the bowl near the kitchen door through which she normally entered, then ran back downstairs and out.  Among her many skills: reading blueprints.)

Chloe disappeared some months ago, presumably gone past that portal through which God eventually claims every irreplaceable creature as casually as a dryer disappears socks. Her many progeny continue to visit (she is pictured with one below), but she will always be Charlotte to my Wilbur, and uniquely missed.

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  1. Aww, especially love the snow-sprinkled coats! I never see that with our neighborhood squirrel clan; granted, they’re always very active, running the fence tops, leaping from branch to branch, shaking off that snow, as they tease the oafish dogs who can’t stand any of it.

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    1. Cats know better. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Great subjects!

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  2. BTW, those pictures are great! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Russ. Chloe is in many of them; she was a real ham.


  3. Here here! We love our squirrels, too!

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    1. I would expect nothing less of you. 🙂


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