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I work at an upscale outdoor store where we are highly trained in customer service not just because we want to sell really expensive stuff but because we genuinely like our customers and want to be helpful.  And our typical customer likes us and what we sell, too, so often we have fun with each […]

One shot

    Set-up for the “hurt man rescue” event at the recent American Public Power Association Lineworkers Rodeo,  held in Colorado Springs.

My WalMart romance

I have a secret relationship, one whose particulars would, in some other context, be scandalous.  As things are, we could scarcely be more different. His name is Barry, and he is long married in the traditional heterosexual way.  I am a lesbian who — caught off guard by the  right to wed — neglected to find […]

Rumi clarified

  Discharge the surly tenant who has lingered too long in the room previously occupied by happiness. A guest house is not an asylum, indefinite lodging for your secret insanities. It is not a brothel, perpetual indulgence of your basest impulses. It is not assisted living, nor long-term care for your crippling inability. A guest […]

Girls with beards!

We have just passed the height of catalog season, during which my mailbox was visited by the usual assortment of unwanted and thereby wasted circulars advertising Christmas deals on clothing, food and other consumables. Most of these went directly into the recycle bin, but I set aside one catalog that arrived recently, anticipating a pleasant winter night’s perusal […]

A Christmas Tale

It was love of Jesus that made my neighbor Walt a criminal. He had seen the statue countless times in twilight walks through the town cemetery. It stood near a marker high up the slope, a big stone lettered with six names – the Croffs and Mintzlers and Walt’s favorite, Olive Brown, who sounded less […]


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That dog won’t hunt

As the news cycle surrounding George H.W. Bush’s death slowly petered out last week, I encountered stories about the late president’s service dog, and images described touchingly as the yellow lab paying his last respects. Prepared to get weepy, I opened a photo of the dog one news organization described as “guarding” his dead master’s […]

Getting my goats

  I am coming for my goat, the one you got years ago through the gate I left open. The best, the cashmere with exquisite wool: fine as silk, soft as whispers.   I miss her too much. You may have instead, for a time, this pygmy. Wool like steel, true, but look: cute as a […]

Forgiveness by onesie

If you are a long-time follower of this blog (thanks, Mom), you know that my quasi-retirement involves a part-time job at an upscale outdoor store,  at which I work in the clothing and footwear departments. During a recent shift, I was tidying up children’s wear and came upon this impossibly cute item, the Columbia Tiny […]