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Wikipedia in winter

Snowflakes arise in eight categories, at least eighty variants. They are rarely triangles, commonly hexagons. Needle, column, plate, rime; combinations. They appear white, but are clear. They aggregate around dust. Realizing this, respect dust, the humble core of every elaborate crystal that chills and sanctifies your lifetime of winters. Temperature matters; humidity. And velocity, the […]

One shot


Just enough

This trace of snow is not enough, not enough to ease the long drought, quench the earth, quash the coming fires. Too little, too late in the age of our realized ruin, yet enough, just enough to record in bas-relief the perishing evidence of remaining wonders: the fragile tines of an early junco’s foot, the […]

Late spring snow

Today I felt the sky commend the grass, how it took the snow that burdened each blossomed branch, pulled the water through its thin throat, drank and grew, greened and gladdened, stood and straightened its slender hands upward. Today I felt the grass commend the sky, loving the storm as much as the sun. And […]

One shot

One shot


Snow falls all night as I lie beneath down only the cat against my flank, her weighted contentment, making me necessary in the oriented world. Vertigo again —  reeling adrift —  meclizine in the dark and waiting, still, on the gradual repair of the rotting rudder. The aging body comes round slowly if at all […]

This winter’s day

You do not have the flu. The cat is not sick, nor the dog lost. The bitter cold has not burst the pipes. The firewood is dry enough to catch the perfect flame thrown by the ordinary wonder of a rough-struck match. The small, wild things — plumed, delicate — fly hollow-boned to the feeders […]

While we slept

Snow fell while we slept (after we had tucked in the day’s troubles, though they complained it was not time for bed) snow fell noiselessly as dreams riled our slumber the familiar ghosts rattling their familiar chains snow fell and kept falling blanketing backward our unconscious lives accumulating accumulating so that when we awoke the […]

One shot