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Questions we might ask

Will dawn help us forget who we were in the night and should we wish it so or pray to remember an amulet even as we purge the poison from our blood even as we wonder will we be whole again or has the fabric frayed finally at center and what flag do we fly […]

Fake news … anchors

Now from China comes word that human television newscasters will soon be joined by salary-saving, computer-generated simulations that can work around the clock.  Here’s Xinhua News Agency’s first English-speaking artificial intelligence anchor, bringing you news of its existence: I suppose fake news anchors are the logical next step in technology’s gutting of an honorable profession […]

Forgiveness by onesie

If you are a long-time follower of this blog (thanks, Mom), you know that my quasi-retirement involves a part-time job at an upscale outdoor store,  at which I work in the clothing and footwear departments. During a recent shift, I was tidying up children’s wear and came upon this impossibly cute item, the Columbia Tiny […]

One shot

Character assassination

I recently completed William Manchester’s The Death of a President, an exhaustively researched description of the days surrounding John F. Kennedy’s brutal assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. The slaying of the charismatic president, who embodied the vigor and optimism of a new generation, shattered not only his countrymen but citizens of the world. Perhaps it’s […]


I felt deflated as I left the theater after seeing Jackie, which depicts the First Lady’s experience in the days surrounding her husband’s assassination. My mood was less a reflection of the film’s quality than the era it depicted: a decade of collective hope unraveling, excruciating at the time and ever painful in memory. I turned 5 […]


My heart goes out and my hat is off to Hillary Rodham Clinton,  whose immense intelligence, courage and experience were not enough to overcome the general ugliness and particular misogyny that now openly characterize these United States. We Americans live in a country that saw fit to grant the most ignorant black men — former slaves […]

Pretend, because we need you to

I got another “like” request this morning from a Facebook “friend” I don’t know, and because of that I can’t sit him down over beer or Valium or coffee, or whatever he needs to prop him up, and say what is on my mind, which is an eulogy for the gravest casualty of social media: […]