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I have developed a crush on my veterinarian, the most useful romance I will never have. Still, I learn her language: I speak inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pancreatitis, allergic sensitivity, idiopathic origins, unpredictable progressions. This one will end where it starts, will leave me doting on the old cat purring in my lap as I […]

Pitching woo

Absent so long from the mound, can I even find the plate? The ball feels strange in my aging hand. The ump looks me over like I got nothin.’ I believe him by more than half. I perceive the strike zone as from a great distance receding. It is small as a needle’s eye, thin […]


I wonder at my good fortune to be loved in such a way, to have a person in my life who prizes not only my strength and competence, but the fragile parts, too. Someone who loves not just the attractive swatches of my being, but the whole messy cloth. Someone who would change none of it, and protect all of it.