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Springtime in the Rockies is characterized by nothing if not snow, and today was a bountiful testament.   I could feel it in the light seeping though my bedroom window as I stirred and stretched — following the example of my wise cats — then picked my way gingerly down the steep bedroom stairs to see what […]


Spring has scarcely arrived by the human calendar, but signs are everywhere evident in the natural world. Robins are squawking in the tall junipers that grace the town cemetery, where I often walk.  The songs of the other birds have become more varied;  there is a hint of courtship in the air, though there is no doubt more snow to […]


I thought of how the mysterious creative force that moves all around and in us is ever ready to please us. How it waits always on our attention, waits for us to see, to hear, to attend to this moment. Waits for us to understand that every hallelujah requires not only the wonder of this life, but the praise of our presence.


In the last 24 hours, we’ve had the kind of spectacularly schizophrenic weather that makes springtime in the Rockies memorable: sun, rain, snow, thunder and back again. It started with a modest dusting on Wednesday night, just enough to frost the grape hyacinth emerging from my garden beds.  As Thursday advanced, a cold blustery wind swept in, and dark clouds gradually enveloped […]