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How it’s done

Meteorological madness, it was, the warnings accreting like worries, overlapping, tumbling into ominous air,  hushed and heavy as portents: Severe thunderstorms. Flash floods. Tornadoes. Streetlights cleaved the midday dark, and when the mouths of the sky opened, they shouted awesome as if Nature were angry at its word being co-opted, diminished, applied to every unworthy […]

One shot



In the last 24 hours, we’ve had the kind of spectacularly schizophrenic weather that makes springtime in the Rockies memorable: sun, rain, snow, thunder and back again. It started with a modest dusting on Wednesday night, just enough to frost the grape hyacinth emerging from my garden beds.  As Thursday advanced, a cold blustery wind swept in, and dark clouds gradually enveloped […]


It drizzled through the night here, and I awakened to dappled puddles in the driveway as light showers continued. My hens understood immediately the significance of sustained rain — earthworms! — and charged into the cool, damp yard to see what had surfaced for breakfast:   Meanwhile, my week-old chicks were honing their own scratching […]