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Nothing is wrong and nothing right one of those days I occupy my body like an exile in a foreign land afraid to eat exotic food to drink untested water to hear too keenly the strange tongue of my inner workings soft and unintelligible billions of cells living and dying ceaseless and invisible the quiet […]

A last request

  I read recently that certain cells go on without us, that 30 minutes postmortem, or 48 hours, or 96, genes transcript, activity commences, continues, increases. Stem cells repair themselves for days. Weeks. All this time I thought it enough to run the living numbers: three years since the skin you last touched regenerated, two […]

The elegant egg

There was much commotion at mid-morning yesterday, not just one but all of the hens clucking loudly in a raucous chorus that was hard to interpret: predator warning, or some benign excitement? I hustled out to the coop — the girls were staying in, due to snow and cold — and knelt beside them to get a birds-eye […]