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Later, you will be right

or earlier, error being a matter of premature or posthumous application of an answer to a question not now present,  but also a matter of laziness, the query stated without the precision necessary to make the answer fit:  hand in glove, key in lock.  Your only chance is now.  If it happens, you won’t know […]

The secret lives of mannequins

Full-body mannequins arrived a month ago at the upscale outdoor store where I work, and their presence is unsettling. Unlike the amputated partial people to which (or whom) I am accustomed — the stand-alone legs modeling yoga tights, the headless torsos clad in flannel shirts — they give an eerie impression of being human, yet at the […]

Wrestling with the angels

I have a secretly epic personality, partial to big ideas and overarching narratives. Being writerly, I am also fond of metaphor, and thus fell in love long ago with the Old Testament story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. Let’s overlook the part where Jacob has two wives, two female “servants” and 11 sons, and pick […]

The province of survivors

I’ve yet to make peace with the truth of all flesh that long endures: No sooner do we finish growing up than we start to break down. In the end, we are joined with all creation in the act of dying, the most solitary task of an often lonely life. In the meantime, we are separated by little more than how we arrive at that end: how long it takes, what road we travel, what contagion or calamity distinguishes our finish.