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And then what

              Last spring honeybees in great numbers, ahead of blooms, small striped blimps afur with fine hair, cellophane wings abuzz. Hungry, they gathered at saucers of sugar water, all I could offer until the blossoms that loved them no less opened and smiled, enfolded their sweet bee bodies, the […]


My heart goes out and my hat is off to Hillary Rodham Clinton, ¬†whose immense intelligence, courage and experience were not enough to overcome the general ugliness and¬†particular misogyny that now openly characterize these United States. We Americans live in a country that saw fit to grant the most ignorant black men — former slaves […]

Essential equipment

Running beneath the pro-Sanders/anti-Clinton rhetoric is a deep, mean river of unacknowledged sexism. We Americans — perhaps even the majority of women, apparently afflicted with internalized misogyny — will find a reason to choose a good man over a better woman. Still.