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Future Dog

Future Dog wags her tail in the passenger seat of Future Car, which can pull 3,500 pounds, the weight of Future Camper plus a buffer against the life we are leaving,  my old cat dead and cremated, like her brother before; likewise my mother, like my father before; their ashes placed in Future Car for […]

Had God not made me a ball

Had God not made me a ball and chucked me so far afield, I might rest yet in the warmth of those mysterious hands. As it is, I have only the distractible dog of my longing to fetch me back, ears tuned — more or less — to the call to return, but also, eyes […]


Again I realize I am falling, that behind the closed door, the everyday hardness, lies still the door flung wide: the soft sadness antecedent to the long descent, the intractable span between beginnings and endings, dreams and reality, then and now. We speak of falling in love, but there are other ways to fall. Deeper.  […]