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I mistook your light for substance, though you burned out long ago, the celestial aspects of your small body subsumed by the dark gravity of one larger, and me forgetting how a dead star may nonetheless shine from an irretrievable past, a glory of extinction no astronomer could ignore, yet the core collapsing and collapsing […]

One shot


A slant of early morning sunlight at play with my vintage glass coffee jar.  Photo editing software created three of these images; the one after the red is the original. (The jar has since been refilled, so all is right with my world.)

Before there was cake

I am an earnest but not especially gifted baker, so when a good friend told me she’d like red velvet cake for her birthday, I suspected I was out of my depth. For starters, I couldn’t reliably hold onto the name; my mind kept substituting “black forest” — that other color-noun cake — which then […]