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Wish you were here

Wish you were here, which was then, which was better than now. Wasn’t it? Postcards from the past can be mailed for just one cent you might drop down the well of a dream you’d rather not have. They always deliver, though they travel vast distances over tenuous terrain. And what of these images? Colorized, […]

From my cat, I catch contentment

  Some strange grace arises from the hand buried in the soft fur of my cat’s purring belly and spreads up my arm to the rotator cuff again torn and mending poorly, through the hollow of my chest wherein beats raggedly the perplexed heart, down the depthless region of fulfilled and disappointed desire, into the […]

God wiggles his butt

  God wiggles his butt when he sees you, his tail lashing the heavens with happiness. Not one glad glance is wasted on your sin, your bad behavior, your poor choices. Even God gets into the trash, sometimes. How, otherwise, would she understand? And do you recall how you laughed at her guilty smile, how, […]

Ever a great rumble

in the heaven of cats teeming with clever but catchable mice, sounding with birdsong to prick sharp velvet ears. The satisfying flesh of captured things; shrimp and fish and chicken and acres of sand yielding softly to fastidious paws. Quilted across the endless ether patches of sun, and all over creation makeshift toys scattered: string […]

Again today

  Again today, I can scarcely bear the delicate palms of aspen leaves, the pleasing golden geometry of waffle grids cupping melting butter and sweet syrup. Again today, too lovely, the redolence of cream laced coffee, the earthiness of beets steaming above ruby water, the warble of courting wrens, the contagious contentment of purring cats. […]

New shoes

I have been having difficulty on my spiritual path lately, though not the kind you might imagine.  Mostly, I am struggling with inappropriate laughter. It happened recently at my local vihara, the Buddhist word for “place where we don’t worship because we don’t believe in God.”  It was the beginning of an hour-long meditation session — 10 minutes […]