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Me you may call Sir

If he may be she and she may be they me you may call Sir as in knight bachelor as in knight errant as in  courageous and questing unfettered undaunted not for me spinster that pitiable title assigned unmarried women its sad connotations its shriveled possibility not like bachelor nothing like knight no if he […]

Fraternity now and football

At the end of the rut the bucks grow weary great heads bowed beneath battle-worn racks here and there a desultory joust a soft grunt cast in diminishing wind toward indifferent does. What was it all about? Majesty tattered, they plod and limp half-dazed as if emerging from a potent spell, speak to former rivals […]

Those clumsy females

I have been out and about on my bike recently, tooling along the many pleasant and well-maintained trails that traverse these parts. Nice. During these outings, however, I have been struck by signs warning of potential dangers, usually flooding at low underpasses. They invariably include two specific visual elements: 1. water, and 2. a woman […]

Jenner and gender

Bruce Jenner’s sensational public debut as Caitlyn Jenner via the July issue of Vanity Fair troubles me. Trading one’s natural sex for its surgically synthesized opposite appears to be a radical expression of the individual freedoms we hold so dear in the United States. Yet Jenner’s choices about how to present herself as a woman should […]