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One shot

All these kids

My resident robins had been expecting for some time, and when I saw Dad depart their nest beneath the garage eaves yesterday with what appeared to be poo in his beak, I figured the bundles of joy had arrived. I had confirmation today when I saw Mom perched atop a fencepost, an earthworm wriggling in her beak. She seemed […]

One shot


Although summer is barely underway, I’ve already experienced the season’s highlight: fledging. The young finches left their nest box last week, each making its way to the lip, fluttering its wings and then launching itself into space. With varying degrees of loft and aim,  they landed in a large juniper shrub a few feet away, […]

One shot

Playing God

At this time of year, it’s easy to pity bird parents, whose every waking moment seems given to providing for babies fully as big as they are. I observe this each June with robins who — having successfully reared and fledged their first brood — are trailed everywhere by sharply chirping, heavily speckled offspring who seem to have carried […]