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Your excuse

Finding no one to admire I gather reflections my friend a Green activist flew across the ocean 1.6 metric tons of CO2 emissions to meet her new grandchild 58.6 metric tons per year who lives in Australia where a half- billion animals burn with our empty convictions. Our values collapse at the point of “me.” […]

Almost everything

I forgive myself almost everything being involuntarily human and thereby malignant in private dissection Of course the small sharp cruelties of childhood before empathy before I knew but nearly all the rest too being involuntarily human and thereby giving no less than I get cowardice and egoism the selfish choice the cutting word the careless […]

Gone Baby Gone

You may have heard that Xanda, the 6-year-old son of Cecil the lion, was recently killed by a trophy hunter, two years after his father was similarly slain. Both were “gorgeous Kalahari lions,” in the words of the researcher who had fitted Xanda with a tracking collar. ┬áBoth ventured outside the protected confines of African […]


I heard recently that Sweden has begun to offer tax breaks to citizens who opt to repair broken belongings rather than trashing them and buying new. The credit — which applies to everything from bicycles to large appliances — provides a financial incentive to do the right thing, which, when dealing with humans, is always […]

The lives we take

You won’t want to see this. I didn’t. First, the nearby mother rabbit, who scattered as I approached on my morning trail run. And then, between us, sprawled in the middle of the path, her baby. It hadn’t been dead long: Beneath the shuttered lids, her eyes — it was a female — had not […]