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A lineage of place

To Mark and Oliver, who moved, and to Molly, who died. To the young woman who traded her name for a husband, and honeymooned here.  To Ruth, who brought her losses, and let them float away in warm and gentle water:   May you be well.  Each had written in the worn journal left on […]


Again I forget what capers are I think jobs pulled by bank robbers in old movies tommy guns blazing exciting unlike a callow bud that will never bloom imprisoned in a plain jar near the pickles and the olives potential unrealized not exhausted not like the gangsters burning out in a flame of glory Take that, […]

Still I belong

Still I belong to the earth, the grass greening through spring snow, the white shoulders of mountains, the doe bounding and twitching vast soft ears that hear what I cannot. I belong to the early forsythia, bright with promise. To the late killing frost.  I belong to the newborn finch, naked and blind, the jay […]

The most vulnerable among us

the old and infirm now imprisoned in facilities entrusted with their care which ban loved ones which bar therapists and nurses those routine comforts vanished along with their choice to keep in already diminished lives the meager consolations they had  the elderly the demented the disabled know death is not the only impoverishment nor the […]

x-ray xray of hand


Last night I dreamed of shaking hands with strangers a succession of palms pressed together warm and dry and firm as if in a receiving line at an event we could not define which might have been a baptism or a funeral or a wedding of our hopes and fears in which touch was healing […]