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Cabbage white in autumn

Today we induct into the Hall of Heroes a cabbage white, its wingspan little wider than a half-dollar, an artifact you may or may not remember:  cool in the palm, serrated edges, the sharply embossed portrait of a young president whose life would likewise be truncated by the weather of the world. (On the coin, he still […]

Somewhere, swallowtails

A half-second, maybe. No more. You hang in the air, a question too pretty to diminish with answers, wings opening and closing on the hinge of your thorax, bright lemon and black; cyan patches, splashes of orange. Black, too, those perfect points, limned in light. A half-second to see you; a half-second — no more […]


I was mortified to learn recently from an online calculator that my life expectancy is 94.64 years. That’s just, well …  piggish. This is mostly not my fault.  I have good genes and socioeconomic privilege. I don’t understand how to smoke, so I never acquired that vice. I am hard-wired for exercise. Also, I have done what I can to […]


August commences a subtle transition.  We harvest the bounty of summer gardens — the flavorful vegetables, the succulent fruit  —  and yet at the same time, sense a certain weariness.  So much energy spent,  all the plants and wild animals having bloomed or birthed and grown and yielded. Even the bees and the butterflies — fewer […]


Humans look at death after 20, 30, or even 40 years as tragic. In truth, we lack perspective, and, more pointedly, presence; we fail to fully occupy moment after moment, millions upon end. We mistake the distractedness that makes time fly for a lack of time itself. But time is right here, always; it is we who are gone.