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When you can

If you could, you would feed the birds of Kyiv, of Mariupol, the pipits and larks, the warblers and wagtails lost in the suffocating skies over scorched trees in which they once slept and nested. If you could, you would shelter the martens and voles, the hares and dormice who fled cratered homes, the incendiary […]

One shot

The birds and the bees

I was enjoying yesterday afternoon in the best possible way: lounging on the deck, a book in one hand, a frosty pint jar of beer in the other. The book was excellent: intelligent, eloquent and occasionally poetic, full of eminently re-readable sentences.┬áNot a one-beer book, in other words. But before I could return from my […]


          Bumbling Manitou Springs, Colorado July 3, 2015