Word from you aches
like an old injury,
a bone broken and
healed but never

again unassailable,
ever sensitive to the
plummeting pressure
your proximity announces,

the atmospheric disturbance
of your many promises,
breaking. Sheltered
by time and space, I

nonetheless roil at
your slightest approach.
An obstinate naivete
persists, trusting as a

newborn, set against
this durable apprehension,
how you taught me
to know better.

I travel the old bone’s
length, feel the callus
at the broken place;
concede the incompleteness

of healing. Rise again
from this familiar
trough.  Surely as
sound trails light, your

thunder recedes. Already
my face turns toward
the steadfast sun.






  1. 👍👍


    1. Thanks for your appreciation!


  2. Brad Wiggins · · Reply

    I love your writing. It always takes me to another place. I felt a little psychosomatic twinge in my shoulder while reading this time 🙂 Cousin, I hope your shoulder heals quickly!


    1. Thanks, Brad, for both the appreciation and good wishes! “Quickly” is unlikely in this instance, but I’ll gratefully accept “well,” in due time.


  3. We never do fully recover from injury, physical or mental, though in some ways become stronger for it. Or maybe just smarter, to not go there again. -Russ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll take “smarter.” 🙂


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