One shot




  1. Cute photo. We decided not to put up the tabletop tree. Last year balls would fall off and I didn’t like to pick them up. They were at least shatterproof. Plus we need to save energy this year.


    1. Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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  2. When I slipped on my house shoes this morning, there was an obstruction in the toe of my left one. Yes, it was an ornament from our tree but neither of our cats,
    TC or Blue, would fess up. I thanked them both.

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    1. You covered your bases, then. 🙂


  3. D'Arcy Fallon · · Reply

    Let’s hear it for those inquisitive black cats!!!! I’ve got one too… Willa. xox Bisty

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    1. They’re wonderful! I lost Spot, the handsome guy in this photo, nearly two years ago. But I hope his sister will continue to keep me company for a good long while.


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