I mistook your
light for substance,

though you burned out
long ago, the celestial
aspects of your
small body subsumed

by the dark gravity of
one larger, and me
forgetting how a
dead star may nonetheless

shine from an irretrievable
past, a glory of
extinction no astronomer
could ignore, yet

the core collapsing
and collapsing into
a black hole, swallowing
every close and tender orbit.

The light, the lure,
the densities we
cannot bear.  How
they glitter, still — the

extinguished promises of
long-dead stars.


    1. Thank you.

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  1. Nice blend of poetry and science. 🙂 I frequently marvel when I look up that what we see happened many (sometimes millions!) of years ago, and may actually be very different now. -Russ

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    1. Me, too, Russ. I like to contemplate time and space, light and shadow … and all else we seem to know that is, in truth, so dependent on our perception of the moment. Thanks, as always, for your appreciation!

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