Your performance exhausted,
you quit kindness.

I quit the dating app,
weary of auditions.

Teetering on the brink of
honesty, we stepped off.

Briefly, you hated your mother.
I admitted despair.

For a time, nothing
broke our fall.

After we caught ourselves,
we did not speak of it.

Redacting the
truth of gravity,

we resumed curation,
telling our incomplete

stories to the clamor
of the deafening world.







  1. They’re rare, those people who actually want to hear your real story, with all the warts. The basis of a true friendship, I believe, especially when it goes both ways. Something our current society seems to resist stronger than ever.


    1. Social media definitely has increased the human tendency toward performance — one reason it ultimately enhances a sense of isolation rather than connection. We’d be better served in the latter purpose by also sharing honestly (and, face to face, when possible) what isn’t going right, what doesn’t look appealing. Thanks as always for reading, Russ!

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