One shot

The lesser known squirrel days of August












  1. Ha! Love it.


    1. Chloe kept me entertained for some years. Haven’t seen her for awhile now, but I hope she will yet return, perhaps when it’s time to begin stocking nuts for winter. 🙂


  2. D'Arcy Fallon · · Reply

    Oh god I love this.


    1. What a ham!


  3. One of my favorites. 🙂


    1. Mine, too. Dear Chloe; such a ham. I’ve not seen her for a couple months, after many years of her entertaining (and entitled) visits. I hope she’s OK, but if not, she had a good long squirrel life, well-fortified by peanuts. And a young one — almost certainly among her many offspring — is showing a bit of her boldness about hand-feeding. I feel a bit like Wilbur in the barn after Charlotte died. I miss her, but the company of one of her babies will be some consolation. 🙂

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