Even the broken tree

Even the broken
tree blossoms,
not one second

wasted on the
reckless raccoon,
who might have

thought of something
but its own
rascal pleasure,

which snapped the
delicate trunk,
ruined the graceful form.

Yet even the broken
tree blossoms, and
see how new leaders,

lanky and hopeful,
reach toward capricious
skies, offering themselves

as the next beauty,
the next sacrifice,
the next gorgeous

and temporary



  1. Even more beautiful for its brokenness. Love this!


    1. Thanks, Jane! I hope you’re having a marvelous birthday, my friend.


  2. Nature is a model of resilience … we humans favor “perfection” but if there is ever such a state for anything, it’s temporary, adapting to ensure resilience. I salute your broken tree, “blooming beauty”.


    1. Thanks, Jazz. I’ll let that flowering plum know she has fans in addition to me. 🙂 I’ve got not one, but two, small trees that raccoons broke. I can’t be too angry at them, as I have a little pond nearby, which is of course attractive. In any case the second tree — a delicate crabapple — is also sending up a new leader.

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  3. Such a great message, Cate. 🙂 We are all temporary and imperfect. All that is required is that we enjoy the present while toiling as best we can on the tasks we were meant to do. That ‘best’ is what the future needs without further thought. (Ha. It might be too early this morning for such deep thinking!) Have a great day. -Russ

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    1. Thanks, Russ. Unlike Nature, which just keeps on going, we are, indeed, inclined to overthink. Probably better to just send up new leaders. 🙂

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