Having seen, unmistakably, the second line

I join the haves, keeping
distance from
the have nots.

Oh, the fevered
battle, the many
dead soldiers blown

gently from the nostrils
into soft tissue,
their duty honorably

discharged. This sweep,
the clearing of
the fallen, a residual

chill and tremble. Later,
I will sit in the sun,
make soup, add

COVID to the story
of my body’s life,
a short chapter in

the long tale of what
it was like to
live here,

to be terminally contained —
this flesh and bone, these
organs, a metropolis of cells —

the body’s vulnerabilities
and immunities,
which today easily prevail,

but one day will not, one
day will surrender to
illness, injury,

 age, infirmity: A
last chill and tremble,
an enveloping weariness,

a long rest.


I accidentally posted this prematurely last week; my apologies for the duplication. I’m going to blame the fever. 🙂 All better now.  



  1. Just saw this! Looks like you came out on top, whew! (Or, a-choo!) Me too, the Covid That Ate Christmas. Far less stressful and costly holiday when you’re coviding!


    1. Glad to hear you came through well, too, Amiga! Kind of nice to take that off the involuntary to-do list, eh? 🙂

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  2. Cate, glad you’re looking BACK at this … I remain braced, but susceptible in spite of lots of shots and and cautions.
    Don’t recall ever reading such a grand account of sneezes as this: the many / dead soldiers blown /
    gently from the nostrils / into soft tissue, / their duty honorably / discharged.
    You’ve turned yuck into adventure!

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    1. Thanks, Jazz! I learned quite a bit about mucus writing this poem. 🙂

      Our bodies are amazing organisms, and — as part of Nature — so is this virus; their conjunction now appears inevitable, especially with wildly contagious Omi. As embodied creatures, we are unavoidably susceptible to many perils; we can be prudent, but we need to live our lives. And, post-COVID bonus: Enhanced natural immunity!

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  3. So glad the immunities prevailed and you are better! -Russ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Russ! An interesting interlude that ends the suspense for me, confers some natural immunity and inspired a poem, to boot! No complaints. 🙂


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