From my cat, I catch contentment


Some strange grace arises
from the hand buried
in the soft fur of my cat’s
purring belly and spreads

up my arm to the rotator cuff again
torn and mending poorly, through
the hollow of my chest wherein beats
raggedly the perplexed heart,

down the depthless region of
fulfilled and disappointed desire, into
the tired legs on which I ran
through fading youth, to

the battered bunioned feet on
which still I stand, largely upright.

Some strange grace arises and
expands beyond the skin
I always knew — always knew —
was not there, and floods

my life backward with fidelity,
with something like happiness:
This was mine; this experience.
This was my life.

For a moment I want only
what I have, precisely
what has been, exactly
what will be.  I want only

this aging hand, buried deep in
the soft fur of my cat’s belly,





  1. I know this feeling so well, Cate. A content cat can be such a wonderful comfort. 🙂


    1. Indeed. There you are, strutting and fretting through the hours … and then you notice that blissed out cat, and start to join her where she is. A far better place! Thanks, Russ!

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  2. I can so relate to this! Fantastic!


    1. Thanks, Leah!


  3. Yes … the subtlety of cats 😌

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  4. Cate, thankyou for this one – a keeper as reminder of benefits feline. Sure, I enjoy touching my canines but not at all in the way I engage with cats … and particularly soft belly rubs with purr vibrations … those purrs do navigate into my senses far beyond the physical!!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jazz. Feline and canine affection are profoundly different, each with their benefits. While I appreciate dogs and had them when younger, I find myself in later life more attuned to the independence and subtlety of cats.

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