Mostly, you nearly told the truth.

I never knew if
you knew the
difference, only that

in the end, I couldn’t
tell whether you exhaled

sewage or bagels, only that
your mouth was not made
for kissing.

Before, in love, I thought:
Let our poem survive

the stanzas I
don’t understand.

After, I understood
I understood
nothing, and

nothing did I keep,
nothing but the sharp

insistence of stars
puncturing brittle space.



  1. There is some deep, raw emotion behind these words. … Those stars will be there long after we are all gone. There is peace in that. -Russ

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    1. Always peace in the world beyond human machinations; we just need to remember where to commit our attention. Thanks, Russ.

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  2. The truth is hard to come by these days. I enjoyed this post.

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    1. I’m glad. Thanks for saying so.

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  3. Even when we think we know the truth, do we really know the truth? I like the insistence of stars

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    1. Exactly — “you never know” is not just an expression. At best, we have partial knowledge. Thank you for your appreciation.


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