Your loved one dies;
mine goes away.
If you never see him again,
if I never see you, what of it?

We claim mastery, at least, of solitude,
which is to say, separation.

Does it matter that life does not give us all we want?
Does it matter what we want?
Does it matter?

What am I, what are you, but two gametes joined?
Blueprints unfolding.

My architecture is all hollow places;
yours, catacombs.

This is how we are built.

Let us speak truth once,
then say nothing,
hold our tired tongues,

let echo all
we do not hear.



  1. slukwago · · Reply

    We claim mastery, at least, of solitude. Emphasis on the claim.
    And Rafiki, does it matter that life does not give us all we want? As we have discussed, it is good that life does not give us all we want. That is how we learn and grow, disappointing, difficult and challenging though it may be


    1. If what you say is true, the next question is, Does it matter if we learn and grow? So many presumptions — not least our own belief systems — undergird what we think true. Questioning in itself is a reliable wisdom. Answers? Not so much. Thanks for reading, my rafiki!


  2. Last 3 lines are a call to “let it be” … a superb goal/perspective … a challenge never fully met. Beautiful poem. My sense is that death is less separation than estrangement between the living …


    1. You may well be right; I experience estrangement as a kind of death haunted by the unfulfilled potential for reunion. Ouch.

      You were on my mind as I wrote this, Jazz. Thank you for your presence and always thoughtful observations.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful poem. There is a difference between somebody dying and someone going away. and dying.


    1. It’s interesting how each heart registers loss; sometimes, an emotional departure can feel as stark as a physical departure, and each of those, in some circumstances for some people, can pack the wallop of an actual death. We are complicated. Thank you for your appreciation!

      Liked by 1 person

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