Why this persistence
at closed doors,
your bruised fist knocking

at blighted exteriors
beyond which lies
nothing that wants you,

while all around
doors stand ajar,
ready to yield

to your open palm,
waiting to sing you
across their thresholds?



  1. A poignant question, eloquently posed


    1. And sometimes rhetorical. 🙂 Thanks, Nicki.


  2. Truth! Truth Rafiki! The inadequate answer is humans. Humans and our feeble, foolish minds. How beautifully you posed this question


    1. Thank you, Rafiki. What a lovely affirmation!


  3. VERY GOOD question … why keep pushing what refuses to yield?
    Motivation often is a sense of needing to enter – to learn something, or to impart knowledge needed on the other side …
    And then there’s curiosity!
    (Sometimes Democracy hangs in the wake of forced crossings of thresholds.)


    1. Indeed! For myself, I have found that persisting too long at what seems obstructed — I am big on perseverance — suggests a failure of discernment. Conversely, doorways that open readily may introduce a path with unanticipated treasures.

      Perpetual thanks for your engagement with and response to my writing, Jazz. You are appreciated!

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