My life as an animal

I fell from the life of everything
through warm, wet darkness,
iron in my innocent mouth.

I was born.

Stood on spindly legs,
nursed from the life of the
world my first milk,
its many protections.

I was hers for awhile.

Then my body changed,
became larger.
I moved on.

Hungry, I ate.
Thirsty, I drank.
Tired, I slept.

I mated and parted.
No one was harmed.

Sharp winter wind
pierced and blessed
my thick fur, pricked
my keen nostrils, stirred

my blood, affirmed
my place in
the life of the world.

Likewise the sun penetrated
and warmed my body, bid me
lay on the solid earth,
which bore me up.

At night the stars
spoke to me with
infinite affection,
seeing it all:

what had been;
what was to come.

Each day was like this,
and each night.

My body changed,
became slower.

I ate when I could;
likewise drank.
Slept more.
One day could not rise.

Having no sense of time,
I did not consider
the implications.

I rested.  Gave
my waning warmth
to the amenable earth,
which took me in.

I died.

Fell from the life of the world
through soft darkness, back
into the life of everything,

which welcomed me home,
which wrapped me
in familiar, endless arms.



  1. Deep and meaningful, Cate. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.


    1. Thank you, Leah!


  2. I frequently watch animals in nature and marvel at their ability to live outside through all weather. Makes me feel inadequate at times and helps put all things in perspective. Have a great holiday, Cate. I wish you well. -Russ


    1. Indeed! The equanimity with which they live their lives, through all seasons and conditions, is a model worth emulating. Wishing you a wonderful holiday, too, Russ — peace and contentment be with you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cate, this is beautiful. And surprisingly comforting – thank you. Death is a fact of life.


    1. Very glad that you found it so, Jazz! Thank you. Our lives as animals are often more straightforward and satisfying than our particular experience as humans.

      Liked by 1 person

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