Questions we might ask

Will dawn help us
forget who we were in
the night and should we
wish it so or pray

to remember an
amulet even
as we purge the poison
from our blood even

as we wonder will
we be whole again or
has the fabric frayed finally
at center and

what flag do we fly now
what flag squinting
into late-arriving light
trying to recognize



  1. We are all wrestling with similar questions, Cate. And, unfortunately, the insanity does not appear to be over. I so hope we can eventually re-learn how to talk civilly about our differences and find ways to compromise like mature adults.


    1. Me, too, Russ. What you suggest was once a reasonable expectation; now it seems like a lofty aspiration. Tough times.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Wishing peace to you and yours.

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  2. Peace back at your Cate – This poem strikes at the heart of how we all feel. We do need to lay down our grudges, embrace those we don’t agree with & try to understand or accept those differences.

    Would you mind if I put your poem on my Facebook page? It says so much that many of my friends can appreciate and need.

    Thanx again Robin


    1. I’d be honored to have you share the poem! Thanks for your kind words. I’m wishing you well as we enter this time of reflection and transition.


  3. We are collectively in transition … always have been, always will be … I feel relief in changing the players … but of course not all the players are changing, not all the attitudes are changing … will watch with curiosity and hope … nurturing tolerance within as we collectively shift direction a bit …
    You give us good questions! Nudges to our inner guides. (History teachers will not forget the past 4 years, so OK to “purge the poison” in my gut.)


    1. Transition, indeed. With the election past, it’s a good time for reflection. What you say about nurturing tolerance is wise, in our personal lives no less than our lives as citizens. It can be a challenge; certainly, I’ve often struggled with it. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jazz. Peace to you.

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  4. Great question and picture. I believe most Americans are middle of the road people ran over by radicals from both sides of the political machine. We want to live on peace with one another. We are starting to hate the manipulation of the media. We don’t trust the people in charge.


    1. We DO want to live in peace, rather than polarization; this is so difficult for humans in the grip of high emotion. Whether we can restore the necessary willingness within ourselves and the necessary trust between people is an open question. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Peace be with you.

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