Again I forget
what capers are I
think jobs pulled
by bank robbers in
old movies tommy guns
blazing exciting

unlike a callow bud that
will never bloom imprisoned
in a plain jar near the pickles
and the olives potential
unrealized not exhausted

not like the gangsters
burning out in a flame
of glory
Take that, coppers!

I want to see them
in the condiment aisle
defiant unmasked unwilling
to keep their distance from danger

I want them to rush our carts
heist our fears
offer their brief lives
with such boldness that we

keep them forever
on our kitchen counters
a reminder that we could

live full throttle
die full throated our
last words celebrating
our voices

Made it, Ma!  Top
of the world!




  1. hey, i really enjoyed reading your poetry; especially the way, where you used CAPERS AND COPPERS as a rhyming syllable ! would you like to get attached to an international platform? if yes, then follow the link below :

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    1. Thanks so much! I’ll give it a look.

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  2. I finally figured out how to make your blog posts let me “like” them! Do you use the WordPress app, by chance? Anyway, I clicked on the little world icon at the top of the page, and the format switched into the one that looks the same as my blog. Weird! Anyway, I thought I should mention this in case others have been experiencing similar issues.

    Thank you for today’s especially delightful poem!

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I don’t use a cellphone, so how WordPress functions on anything put a PC is a mystery to me. But I appreciate you reading in any format.

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