The wren house exults


Oh, you are here!

How long I have waited
my eastern exposure
my perfect aperture
my rustic charm
and so near

the plum aflower
in delicate pink
the serviceberry in
welcoming white

Still you did not come
and then the wasps


their thin grey gag
occluding the mouth
from which I wished
only you would sing
their paper shroud
mocking my dreams


I might have died of despair
that year I thought never
never will you come and
what do I mean
without you?

And now you are here!
Oh, you are here! Your little
fletched bodies pulsing with
life your throats bursting with
song I know by heart

and in me such joy such joy
at being your home
at being made whole but how

so small and old
with waiting how
will I ever contain you,
my happiness?

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  1. Susan Lukwago · · Reply

    “What do I mean without you?” This poem resonates with me as it reminds me to be quiet and observe with hope, nature


    1. I’m glad. Nature is a reliable refuge from the crazy human world …


  2. Michele · · Reply

    Ah ; the sound of birdies fills my soul with happiness.
    Thankyou for bringing sweet spring sounds and phrase.
    I thought I heard your chickens adding to the sounds.


    1. You did indeed hear chickens, and also doves. Good ear! Seems all my birds are talkative. I am glad you enjoyed the post; thank you for reading, listening and commenting. I hope you are doing well, my friend, and that we meet again soon.


  3. Wrens over wasps in my heart, for sure, yet I am fascinated by ants and wasps and bees (and now monster hornets!) All part of an interactive whole, that we humans are privileged to contribute to as well as observe. Bravo for clearing the wasps to make way for the wrens!


    1. I feel the same about all kinds of life. The wasps took over this box late some previous season — I think it was last summer — when the wrens already had passed on it. I let them be, as their paper art really is kind of cool, but I clean out all the boxes in late winter/early spring, so they’re ready for new residents. I don’t know why wrens finally chose this lonely box over another prime location in a maple tree, but I’m delighted (as is the box :)). Maybe I’ll have wrens at both locations!

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  4. Soooo beautiful! (Even the wasp photo.)
    And I love letting the voice of the house come out so joyfully.


    1. Thanks, Jazz! I confess the wasp photo is not mine, though I recall clearly taking photos of the house when it was thus wrapped. It was grotesque, but also beautiful in its way. In any case, I could not find the images and had to resort to something similar plucked from the vast virtual universe …

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