Everything, offering


How it holds you up, everything,
offering, even the
space vacated by what
you loved blending with beauty


and can you

feel how thin yet absolute
your skin how
it insists on
and yet

remember how wondrous the
world dazzling your blurred eyes
entering your small ears
before you were human

before you declared
preferences pledged
allegiance to your

and will you

 see how everything —
everything — arrives
in open palms
a gift of indeterminate
nature that you might now
open understanding finally how

it holds you up, everything,





  1. Everything is connected … love this perception that those connections are offerings, supporting. I think we have a choice to view obstacles and unknowns as offerings … they redirect our movements (bodily, mentally) serving as “support” to get us to (into) some new configuration that somehow benefits the collective. We may never see the how and why. We can nevertheless choose to trust the offering, the overall connectivity.

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    1. Well-spoken, Jazz. So much of what we might experience as happiness — or at least contentment (which may be the better measure) — depends on perception. Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

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