Your excuse

Finding no one to admire I
gather reflections my friend
a Green activist flew
across the ocean 1.6 metric tons
of CO2 emissions

to meet her new grandchild
58.6 metric tons per year who lives
in Australia where a half-
billion animals burn with
our empty convictions.

Our values collapse at the
point of “me.” If I give
up my car 2.4 metric tons
per year how will I get to work

visit my diapered father
in his wheelchair the
cost of whose protracted
dying cannot be measured? And

what is your excuse? Honor

the young who do
not have children
the old who go
when death calls honor

those who relinquish
their requirements
their convenience who
love the world more

than their own desires who
make you less than ashamed

to be human.

Four significant choices made by enough humans — now — might yet save the planet and other species who call it home:  Have no children. Give up your car.  Avoid air travel, especially long flights. Eat a plant-based diet. Read the science here.


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