Knowing it would end

did I ghost my life,
indentured to
some lesser master,
determined not to breathe
too gladly, and

was I afraid
of my body’s fierce
appetites, how it
loved food,
needed water,

wanted you,

how in the same
moments it longed
to be free,
and caught,

as if paradox were its
natural disposition, the
skeleton on which human
flesh accretes, innocent
and scarred,

that it might speak the
native tongue of the
incarnate world, bloodied
and exuberant,

that it might say,
I am here;
I am real
for a while, and

did I listen at last
and fill my lungs with
the breath of every
perishing thing
I love?





  1. So poiniant.
    Thankyou for sharing your insights.


    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for your appreciation.


  2. Barbara WANQUIST · · Reply

    This is so beautiful, Cate. Have you published your poetry anywhere else? It should be out there for everyone to read and experience! –Bucky


    1. Thanks, Bucky! (And I remain Bucky, too, or “Cath” to you, dear friend from olden days.) I haven’t published poetry in conventional form, but I am deeply pleased you think it worthy, and grateful that you take time to read.


  3. This reminded me that we must treasure every moment of this gift of life & also prepare our souls for the next adventure when our mini machine called our bodies wears out.

    Thanx for this inspirational light this morning!!


    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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