In the end you eschew Tupperware


weary of its modernity its
synthetic architecture its
obsequious convenience its
not-quite-clear form trading
transparency for durability

and turn instead to glass
cool and substantial pleasing
in the hands sand soda and
lime wed by heat to a hard
clarity that will one day

break with use spilling
what it held but never
hid reminding you it
was broken all along but
cohered for a time to

contain your small love,
that you might see it clearly
so sharp and certain
so free

glass light




  1. NatashaMarie · · Reply

    I never expected a poem about Tupperware to be so beautiful! Well done! 💜


    1. Thank you! It arrived as a bit of a surprise to me, too.


  2. Perhaps I’ll write a poem about my purge of once-treasured Tupperware bins! Now I’m wishing I’d taken a photo!

    Here’s to glass – to a renaissance of kitchen common sense – to clarity about this and other matters taken for granted as we follow marketed convenience trends. (Nothing is easier to clean than a Pyrex dish.)


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