Briefly through



Timmy Wind blows briefly through
his parents’ helpless arms
less a child than an element
that could not bear the
heavy head
the veiled light
the damp and dimpled fingers

the constraint of flesh
where once was space
the intolerable capture
of his formless beauty

Timmy Wind blows briefly through
the life he did not lead the
mistakes he might have made the
love he would have lost

sighing a last small breath
through speechless perfect lips
(Oh those helpless arms)
less a child than an element
more a dream than a memory

ghosting his sister’s fleeting hours
eight years of eternity between them
and all that was possible
blown through and free
(Oh those helpless arms)


wind end




  1. What do I say other than that you have captured the pain hauntingly?


    1. That’s a lovely compliment. Thank you.


  2. NatashaMarie · · Reply

    Another beautiful poem. The fresh flowers break my heart, although probably plastic, they are not yet damaged by time, sweet babies, long gone, but never forgotten.


    1. Thanks, Natasha. I know this one has special resonance for you, and invite readers to learn why:

      Liked by 2 people

      1. NatashaMarie · · Reply

        Thank you, Cate 💜

        Liked by 1 person

  3. seems sad!
    amazing any
    of are here 🙂


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