Rumi clarified



Discharge the surly tenant
who has lingered too long
in the room previously
occupied by happiness.

A guest house is not
an asylum, indefinite
lodging for your
secret insanities.

It is not
a brothel, perpetual
indulgence of your
basest impulses.

It is not assisted living,
nor long-term care for
your crippling inability.

A guest house is an Airbnb.
A feather bed;
a quick breakfast.

So welcome each visitor;
entertain them all.
For a time.

Then evict those unworthy
of your hospitality.

Make room for
some magnificent stranger,
for the beautiful friend
you’d almost forgotten.

cabin bed


  1. slukwago · · Reply

    Yes. Discharge the surly tenant … make room for some magnificent stranger.
    I love this Rafiki. Did you write this for me? Yes? That is what I thought. Thank you.


    1. 🙂 Maybe for both of us.


  2. Rumi would have been thrilled!


    1. I sure hope so, though it’s dangerously presumptuous to tinker with the words of such a poet. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That was interesting.


    1. “Interesting” is good, right? 🙂 Or at least interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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