Getting my goats



I am coming for my goat,
the one you got years ago
through the gate I left open.

The best, the cashmere
with exquisite wool:
fine as silk,
soft as whispers.  

I miss her too much.

You may have instead,
for a time,
this pygmy. Wool
like steel, true,
but look: cute
as a button.

If you keep her in your house,
she will pee on your carpet,

after which

I will fetch
her home to
the field of play,
where goats belong.




  1. Love it. Some of my friends keep goats, including pygmies.


    1. Hopefully, none have been gotten. 🙂

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      1. Never for-gotten! hey have winterized the living quarters. But the goats want IN!!!!


        1. Goats are smart, full of mischief and happy to pee on the carpet. But my cats barf, so maybe unwanted excretions are a fair exchange for the pleasure of animal company.

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        2. Oh dear … I call our cat Vomit. Clare went to visit our grand-daughter in Ottawa and day one, the cat vomited n my chair. Clare said she was expressing love.

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