One shot

first look

Bird meets world: Less than two weeks out of the egg, a baby finch peers out of its nest for the first time.



  1. sweet baby
    portrait 🙂


    1. Thanks, David. I think s/he’s already out in the world, having fledged with siblings. Wishing them all full and happy lives.


  2. Wow! So adorable


    1. Indeed. And so vulnerable at this age.

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  3. Aaaawwwee, this is an adorable shot! You captured a precious moment. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. You’re welcome! I felt likely to get a nice photo of this little one just encountering the world.


    1. Thanks, Bob. And now the baby finches are looking like they want to fledge …. today. Wait! I say. I’m not ready. 🙂 Frankly, I’m not sure they are quite, either, but their parents know a lot better than I.

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  4. This is a beautiful shot


    1. Thank you. Used a long lens and tried to get close enough to capture this little one’s sweet face without disturbing it or its siblings. Success, I think!

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      1. Oh yes definitely.Once I shot a line of sparrows..I had to a zillion shot before I could take the perfect one.

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