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  1. House finches set up in an old robin’s nest outside the study window. They are talkers! I love watching them, though. Every morning and evening, they sit on top of the shepherd’s crook that holds a feeder and chatter away. I’ve been especially lucky to see birds in pairs this spring – red-winged blackbirds, rose-breasted grosbeaks, yellow goldfinches, cardinals, and brown-headed cowbirds. They seem to be sticking around, so I assume they’re nesting nearby.


    1. Lucky you! This morning, I saw a female house finch checking out the nest box finches usually occupy. Gladdened my heart, as I thought perhaps I wouldn’t have any nesters this year. I’ve also got a wren singing by another house — fingers crossed — and a couple days ago saw a black-headed grosbeak male feeding a female sunflower seeds. Hope to get a photo of that. I take immense pleasure in their proximity. Thanks for reading and commenting, Michelle!


      1. My family is sick of me yelling for them to come to the window. I get a little giddy about wildlife right outside our door! This year seems especially busy and I’m not sure why – I’m hoping it’s not an indicator of shrinking habitat.


        1. I hope so, too. Might just be compressed activity resulting from your very late Spring.


  2. Aunt Nancy · · Reply

    Have had these little singers around my front porch this week, so sweet.


    1. And the men-finch are glorious in their courtship plumage. Thanks for reading and commenting, Aunt Nance!


  3. Before or after coffee?


    1. Both. 🙂

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  4. beautiful!


    1. Thank you. I especially love house finches, who are a reliable year-round beauty here while other species come and go.

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      1. My Mom loved the finches around our house

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